#7 Wrong font size on startup until window is being resized



when I start rakarrack with a small window, fonts are too big. I have to make the window large and then small again to get the correct size.
I guess the function which resizes the font is not called on startup.

btw: Thank you for fixing bank not being saved :)


  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-21


    Hard to explain that ... there is no relationshp between the window size and the font size, the program store a relative value with the original font size,

    This relative value is applied when you start the program, but is double applied because also it does a another resize when ter window is resized at the start.

    Some times when you resize the fonts and after you resize the window this relative value gets worng values. that's the reason for the "Reset" button that exist in the settings window.

    If you have font size problems the better you can do is press the reset button, then close the program, Then start again and resize and when the program will be closed the value will be good.

    This font resize is not provided by the graphic toolkit, is coded by me and I'm sure is not perfect but ... I dont want to spend a lot of code to improve that sorry.


  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-21
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