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Release v0.1 is out now!

Release v0.1 is out now. Downloads are available for Windows 32 and 64 bit. Linux source-tar will follow.

Posted by Axel Gehlert 2012-10-03

More new features for v0.1

Added new features in preparation of v0.1:

  • Added return-statement
  • Added lots of useful built-in string methods.
  • Added some implicit conversion method toInt. Constructors can be used generically to create string and int objects from objects of another class (toInt and toString are called implicitly)
  • Added more pr examples.
  • Several bufixes
  • A simple windows installer is on its way (Using WiX).
  • We have more (almost) useful error messages now.
  • Object identity operators === and !==
  • The rag cmd line tool code has been cleaned up (no more C constructs, using STL/ C++ std lib now).... read more
Posted by Axel Gehlert 2011-12-03

Nice new features.

Today, committed/ pushed several new features into git repo on SF.
Some of them:

  • Supporting every-day operators in PR language now.
  • Supporting methods, classes and constructors in PR now.
  • Added a new kind of operator: The stringizing op for single operands and for executing whole code blocks within an expression.
  • Cleaned up the variable scope handling. Have a "local", "object" and "global" scope now.
  • Several bug-fixes.
  • Added some first examples pr scripts to the repo.
Posted by Axel Gehlert 2011-10-21

Putting everything online. Full speed ahead.

Putting it all onto sourceforge.net

Today, i decided to finally put my source code onto sf.net.
Although the source code does not look so old, the project and the ideas
in the core of it have been fermenting for some month and year.
Finally, i decided that the idea is ripe to be tested by the public.
Lets see if that tool is useful.

At the moment there is not much more source code than the remainders of a
python proof-of-concept and the growing c++ code of the future rag pattern replacer.
There is not even a command line pattern replacer yet, only a set of boost-unit-tests implementing happy path tests of the growing set of basic features.
The C++ code is mostly packed into big headers with mostly inline code and only cpp-files if needed.... read more

Posted by Axel Gehlert 2011-09-27