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radtool2.11 released

After a spell of being preoccupied with other things work on radtool has begun again.

Posted by Raghuraman 2003-01-07

RADtool on the serverside.


On 20th Nov RADtool was featured on the homepage of TSS http://www2.theserverside.com/home/index.jsp

See it directly at


Posted by Raghuraman 2002-11-22

RADtool 2.0 released

With this release 2.0 RADtool now has entered the second stage.
RADtool provides the user the following benefits:-
1. quick development vide codegeneration and deployment descriptors.
2. in built MVC framework
3. automatic server side validation
4. in built error handling with multiple error schemes
5. a code library that is reused by the generated code.
6. flexible security

The user can now toggle the error-handling schemes transparently.

Posted by Raghuraman 2002-11-20

RAD 1.0 released

brief overview:
Rad provides an MVC framework for J2EE webapplications. Its has a total component based approach wherein components can be generated/configured declaratively.
major benefit:
It speeds up coding and the developer needs to spend less time on repetetive tasks.

It would be very much appreciated if the tool is evaluated and feedback / suggestions are provided.

Posted by Raghuraman 2002-11-04