#76 Manage ACLs on Mac OS X

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- Summary
Provide a descriptive summary of the issue.
- Implement ACL support on the Mac OS X operating system to provide
the fullest compatibility with managing its filesystems on both
servers and (now with Leopard) clients.
- Steps to reproduce
In numbered format, detail the exact steps taken to produce the
- n/a
- Expected results
Describe what you expected to happen when you executed the steps
- Radmind tools which scan and affect the filesystem, such as
fsdiff and lapply, should understand, preserve, and manage ACLs
in addition to the POSIX attributes of filesystem objects.
- Actual results
Please explain what actually occurred when steps above are
- The current Radmind tools, version 1.11.1, do not preserve ACLs
in the filesystem on Mac OS X Leopard.
- Regression
Describe circumstances where the problem occurs or does not
occur, such as software versions and/or hardware configurations.
- n/a
- Notes
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problems, workarounds and relevant attachments.
- n/a
- System configuration
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experienced the problem.
- n/a


  • Jaharmi

    Jaharmi - 2008-06-27

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    If it is not obvious, I would like Radmind to support ACLs on all platforms, not just Mac OS X. I am aware that it doesn't support ACLs on Mac OS X right now, however, and that's an area of need.

  • Patrick McNeal

    Patrick McNeal - 2008-07-07

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Changed title to "Manage ACLs on Mac OS X" as ACLs are preserved if they already exist - request is to manage them fully.

  • Patrick McNeal

    Patrick McNeal - 2008-07-07
    • summary: Preserve ACLs on Mac OS X --> Manage ACLs on Mac OS X

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