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Race Track 1.0.1 Released

New installer added! Just download and click open and then double click setup. Database is put into all users area. Check for duplicate database entries added.

Posted by Steve Powell 2015-06-30

New Version 1.0.1 - Created checking for duplicate entries within each race

Added code to process errors returned from the sql database when a duplicate entry is found. Duplicates include same first and last name, same car number or same car name. The previous entry is preserved when this occurs.

Posted by Steve Powell 2015-06-15

RaceTrack 1.0.0 Released

I just released a new version of Race Track Pinewood derby program for MIcroWizard and Judge control gates. I fixed the contestant window to allow edits within the table and save those edits to the database. I restricted the Open, New and Close menu options to one at a time because when mutiple races were up the database would get corrupted. I fixed the creation and the recognition of the database where it will create automatically and recognize any properly formated script for the database created in the database directory. I added a safety window for closing a race which permanently wipes out the race, I added more COM Port Support for multiple COM Ports on the setup screen. I hope this makes this program more useable. In the future I plan on adding documentation and an installer to help install the serial IO files. Enjoy, and I would appreciate any comments.... read more

Posted by Steve Powell 2011-03-08