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QuikKopy 0.20 Released

Version of QuikKopy 0.20 has been released! This release contains a number of bug fixes, as well as a few nice feature enhancements. These include a "quiet" mode, configuration file saving and full command line functionality (rather than using the interactive setup each time).

Posted by Evan Davey 2003-08-11

QuikKopy 0.12 Released

The lastest release of the bulk image manipulation/copying utility quikkopy is now available for download. Version 0.12 contains a number of bug fixes, and will be the last of the 0.1x releases before quikkopy gets a major overhaul for version 0.2.

Posted by Evan Davey 2003-07-07

quikkopy 0.1 released

Initial release of quikkopy. quikkopy is a perl utility designed to be used with a digital camera to copy, rename and resize images in linux, similar to the Windows XP does. Currently supportsbulk resizing and renaming of images, and has an interactive setup.

Posted by Evan Davey 2003-06-28