#4 General versatility improvements


Hi, just a few small suggestions:

1) Allow quicktext rules that apply to all languages, including unspecified/unknown.

2) Allow custom triggers so no extra keypresses will be necessary in some cases.

For example, I'd like to have quicktext automatically translate (in any language) "open brace + enter key" into "open brace, enter, enter, close brace, back key, up key, tab, make here a hotspot, make the next line after the close brace another hotspot" (working on the assumption that npp is set to preserve current tab depth).

3) Finally, tying in with the last 2, provide a convenient way to enable/disable specific rules and triggers (especially for non-language-specific rules).

QuickText looks really cool, but could be much more useful. I may take some time to peruse the source, and see if I am skilled enough to contribute such features myself, but that's unfortunately not likely.

- HonoredMule


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    *ahem* I should have clarified that I still would expect to navigate hotspots through ctrl+enter, but it would make sense to allow users a custom navigation key also, both globally and on a per-rule basis. I don't know off-hand what I'd want that for, but I'm sure it'll come up for someone.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I guess it also goes without saying, that requiring only alphanumeric characters for the tag is also a problem.

  • Sam Rawlins

    Sam Rawlins - 2007-12-06
    • priority: 5 --> 4

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