#1 Two feauture requests


Greeeeat Plugin. From the day I found it, cannot live without.
Is it possible to:
1. Ignore the case of snippet shortcut?
I have: addnode=Dim xmlDoc...
And in the QuickText.ini I would like to write as AddNode=Dim xmlDoc...
So it will be easy to read but I would still like to call it by the shortcut "addnode", so it will be easy to write.
2. Pressing CTRL + SPACE in Notepad++ shows the shortcut list of the giving language. Can you implement this to QuickText too, so after pressing a combination of some keys it will show all the snippet shortcuts for the language selected.

Thanks very much for this plugin.


  • Sam Rawlins

    Sam Rawlins - 2007-11-26

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    1. Here is my idea. QuickText.ini is just a configuration file. It is not accessed or modified by any one user very often (exactly the point of an automated feature like QuickText). I do not think it is important that this file be pretty then.

    In addition, making this file case-sensitive may allow for more functionality in QuickText. IE lower-case might stand for compact and upper-case is complete:
    if=if ($) $;
    If=if ($)\n{\n$\n}\nelse\n{\n$\n}\n$
    Etc. What do we think?

    2. This should not be difficult to implement. I will work on it. Scintilla has a CallTip class that NPP uses in CTRL+SPACE. I can use the same class.

    There are the following options:
    * CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE (or similar) to just display all Tag Sets for the current language
    * CTRL+SPACE, if it cannot find a tag for what was just typed, will display the CallTip
    * Other ideas?

  • Sam Rawlins

    Sam Rawlins - 2007-12-06
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  • Sam Rawlins

    Sam Rawlins - 2007-12-06
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