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Please fill in our survey

We have a small survey we would like QuickSQL users to fill in. This will help us improve the next release of QuickSQL.


Thank you !!!

Posted by timothy 2004-11-01

VS.NET changed the index on the tabpages !!

I just noticed that VS.NET has changed
the index on my tabpages causing
the wrong tab to show when an exception occurs.

I've fixed this in CVS, every time you load the sources in VS.NET it changes the index again... a bug ?

I will release the new exe in a package aswell.


Posted by timothy 2003-11-27

MSSQL bug finally fixed !!! - New Release

The latest release finally works with MSSQL Server

Check out the release notes for more information


Release Notes:

Hope you enjoy this :)

Posted by timothy 2003-10-27

QuickSQL BugFix Release

Because of a serious bug in QuickSQL which caused it not to work with MS SQL Server and MSDE I decided to do a quick BugFix release.

For the sources please check out the CVS.

Posted by timothy 2003-03-14

Feedback needed


Before we release the next version,
we need some feedback, tell us what
you think, bugs, etc...

QuickSQL v3.0 will be build from scratch
so any features/changes you want to see,
please let us know.

QuickSQL Forum:

QuickSQL Homepage:

The QuickSQL development team.

Posted by timothy 2003-02-04

Updated screenshots

I've uploaded some new screenshots
of the upcoming final release v2.1.0.0

Check them out at http://quicksql.sf.net

Posted by timothy 2003-01-08


We've decided to replace the
eInfoDesigns MySQL Data Provider with
the Open Source MySQL.NET Data Provider
as the default Data Provider for MySQL.

By doing this we hope to further support the Open Source community.

Please visit MySQL.NET Project page for more info

Posted by timothy 2002-11-24

Plan Update

It's been a while, I know.

Plans for QuickSQL:

- We're implementing some features,
which we will release in a new beta

- The next version will be a final release version
No new features will be added, but we'll concentrate on removing bugs and other problems

- After this we'll start working on Series 3.x,
which will probably get a complete GUI makeover,
support for database schema's and dynamic support for ALL .Net dataproviders without the need
to recompile the sources.

Posted by timothy 2002-11-16

v2.0.0.6 Installation Package Updated

The ODBC.Net assembly was missing in
the previous QuickSQL installation package.

A new installation package has now been uploaded
(It has the same version number: v2.0.0.6)

Sorry about this

Posted by timothy 2002-10-24

Info about the upcoming v2.0.0.6 release

What will be in the new release ?

- New code for the core functionality
By using a more OO approuch we
not only increased performance but made
it easyer to add new data providers in the future
We'll be able to switch to the upcoming release
of .NET v1.1 without any problems allowing us to
support even more databases trough managed
providers instead of supporting them trough
OleDB or ODBC.

- Project Files
The new repository function will allow
you to group your SQL functions in project files
We are considering to use the Openoffice.org
XML format as a file-format for the project files
This will not only allow you to print out your
projects but also give you the ability to load
them into Openoffice.org.
(Please not that we are still working on the
details of this new functionality)... read more

Posted by timothy 2002-10-04

New QuickSQL Website !!!

A complete website including forums
for QuickSQL was launched.
So please utilise it to the max.
Speakout your comments, views,
requests, feedback.. at the forums.


Posted by timothy 2002-09-08

QuickSQL v2.0.0.4-Beta Ready for daily use

QuickSQL v2.0.0.4-Beta takes a big
step from the older versions.

We beleive it's ready for daily use

(There are of course lots of features to be added)

Posted by timothy 2002-09-05

QuickSQL Mailing List - Open

I created a mailinglist,
feel free to discuss anything
related to QuickSQL, SQL,
Databases or .NET in the list

Posted by timothy 2002-08-15

QuickSQL v2.x --> .NET Based

Because the previous version of QuickSQL
was COM based it caused a lot of problems on
computers with outdated ActiveX controls.

Since the beginning of Windows
the DLL Hell has been a problem.

By using .NET this problem is solved

The only thing you need is the .NET Framework
This is a 17Megs download which you only need
to install once. Any other .NET software you download will run without any problems.... read more

Posted by timothy 2002-08-09

Release v1.00

This version is fully functional
Many people I know have been
using it for some time and haven't found any
major bugs, infact they are very pleased with it

There are some minor problems with
MySQL since QuickSQL uses a disconnected
way of interacting with the DBMS

This should be fixed ASAP

Posted by timothy 2002-06-08

2 new jobs

The project needs a Web Designer
and a Doc Writer, check it out

Posted by timothy 2002-05-13

First Release

As you can see this first release is already
a Beta version. This is because this isn't
a new project, it's just one of those small projects I made some time ago.

Since some people seemed to think of it
as a useful development/educational tool,
I decided to open it up.

Future versions will be enchanced with
new features according to the feedback
of the users

Posted by timothy 2002-05-13

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