#6 mandatory fields in correction/Creation phase for the Initiator


The Due Date, Description, and Type of review from Information Tab should become mandatory in Correction/Creation Phase for the Initiator.


  • Tom Seidel

    Tom Seidel - 2013-06-19

    They already are mandatory - so what's the problem here?

  • Cristescu Mihaita

    The problem is that the Description, Due Date and Type of review are already filled (with the information added in the creation phase) and so the initiator will not be 'forced'/notified that he has to update those information.

    Same idea for Effort and date from Conclusion--> Initiator tab. The effort and date are not mandatory because are already with filled with the info from the creation phase (and the info are no more relevant for the actual phase correction).

  • Tom Seidel

    Tom Seidel - 2013-06-21

    Why should the Description and "Type of review" information be changed from one review cycle to another? There is no need to change the description after the initiation of the review, but you still have the possibility to add additional information in every phase.

    The Effort and Data fields are of course mandatory (even if the current date is added to the Date field already because this is mostly the right one).
    After the Correction phase you have to create a new review cycle and you will get new Date and Effort fields on the Conclusion tab for the Initiator. So there is nothing pre-filled with the information of the previous review cycle.


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