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Quex 0.30.1

This release is a something absolutely necessary for anyone who uses Quex seriously. There has been found a bug in the NFA-to-DFA construction. Its impact is most likely not to occur. Nevertheless, this part of the code is a heart of the matter! Release 0.30.1 solves this issue.

By the way, stay tuned for 0.31.1 which will contain a speed-up of generated lexers of about 20-30%!

Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2008-07-04

Quex 0.24.5 has been released

This release is the seal of some intensive code-cleansening and refactoring efforts. As a result quex runs now some faster even with complicated unicode character set definitions. A windows installer is about to be ready in the days to come.


Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2008-03-31

Quex - Processing Speed Massively improved.

Again, the release 0.21.3 provides massive improvement on computation speed. Now, even complicated Unicode lexical analyzers can be computed in a few minutes.


Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2008-02-19

Lexical Analyzer Generator Quex 0.21.1

This release contains many bugfixes. Most important is the performance improvement. Especially when dealing with complicated Unicode character sets Quex has improved the computation time significantly. (visit http://quex.sourceforge.net).

Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2008-02-18

Quex Provides Unicode Support

The lexical Analyzer Generator Quex now includes the iconv library into its buffer handling. This allows for the creation of lexical analyzer for virtually hundreds of different codings---including popular unicode formats such as UTF-8, UCS-2, UCS-4, etc. (http://quex.sourceforge.net)

Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2007-08-13

Quex 0.10.2 released

Lexical Analyzer. New version contains a generator for directly coded engines which are much faster then the flex/lex table driven approach. http://quex.sf.net

Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2007-06-11


Quex - Lexical Analyzer. Version 0.8.2 Inital Release. Mode Oriented Lexical Analysis.

Posted by Frank-Rene Schäfer 2006-08-05