#8 queued.c cvs-up, only works with "-D"


Hi there

I just did a "cvs update" to get the latest queued,
since I've had some troubles running it (Redhat 7 -
reasonably clean, have only run Bastille & Red Carpet
on it).

Unfortunately queued only worked with the debug option
"-D" set on; this, of course, sparked my interest,
since not many programs have different general path of
execution when you add runtime debug parameters. I
found somthing interesting at lines 921-945 in

if (!debug) {

(void) alarm(0);

As I see it, "check_query()" is being called when
"queue_bs" is an empty list - and it never reads in
anything (I've tampered with gdb for hours now - the
queue seems to be empty) -- hence whenever I commit a
job "queue -- ls", it is being rejected because queued
has an empty list of queues.

If however, debug is set, the spooldir is being
searched for queues and the queue list is well
initialized at a later point in queued.c -- and
everything works fine.

I could just run queued with -D set, but at right now I
am very curious to find out why the program behaves as
it does??

by the way: cool program

regards Jakob


  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11

    Logged In: YES

    So, the (!debug) code in queued.c was rather vestigal and has finally been abandoned, hopefully fixing
    the bug.

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> wkrebs
    • summary: queued.c cvs-up, only works with "-D" --> queued.c cvs-up, only works with "-D"
    • status: open --> closed

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