#5 trouble configuring under solaris2.7

Mark Denni


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    sh configure --enable-root
    loading cache ./config.cache
    checking host system type... sparc-sun-solaris2.7
    checking type of array argument to getgroups... gid_t
    checking whether getpgrp takes no argument...
    configure: error: cannot check getpgrp if cross

    queue-1.20.2 configured fine, under solaris2.7, but
    died when I tried to test it by running netscape.
    I had hoped 1.30.1 might solve this problem, but now I
    get past configure.

    I'd appreciate any help I can get. I have some
    experience with
    compiling and even porting code, but don't know
    anything much
    about how configure works.

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    The queue_manager package requires C++, so configure.in adds on 1.30.1 adds a requirement to ./configure
    to check for a C++ compiler on the system. I don't know a way around this; if C++ is required for any
    package, ./configure will now fail if it is not there.

    I believe the problem is with your C++ compiler; ./configure thinks you have a cross-compiling C++ compiler
    for some reason.

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2000-11-14
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    Is there an alternate test you can use to determine if c++
    is a
    cross-compiler? I tried installing gcc-2.95.2-sol7-sparc
    from sunfreeware.com and putting it at the front of my
    path. Then
    I removed it and installed gcc-2.8.1-sol7-sparc. Both of
    had the same problem - configure thought that c++ was a
    compiler. Perhaps it is something to do with the fact that
    our solaris 7 machines are running 64-bit.

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11
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  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11

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    I put this up for discussion on both queue-developers and the GNU autoconf list and got various answers.

    The GNU autoconf people wanted me to use the CVS version of GNU autoconf to build Queue. But one of own
    developers thought that the latest released verisons of autoconf should be able to handle it.

    Perhaps in the build after 1.40.1-beta I will try to build GNU Queue with a later version of GNU autoconf
    (perhaps the CVS version).

    You could do me a great favor here by installing a later version of GNU autoconf yourself and rebuilding (with
    automake, autoconf, aclocal, autoheader) and see if this solves the problem. Please let me know if you find
    a version that works.


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