#4 failure under RedHat 6.2



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    I've tried installing and running GNU queue stable
    (1.12.9) and unstable (1.20.2). I have had the
    following problems with the stable version:

    1) For the non-root installation, I get a message "out
    of pty's" after running a few jobs. This seems to be
    persistant until reboot.
    2) For the root installation, the client queue program
    hangs in accept under the label "wrong_daemon"
    whenever the host is specified. When the host is not
    specified _and_ the host that it is launched from is
    the "master" host, the program runs on the master host
    and does not hang.

    Possible weirdnesses in my installation are that I
    have installed the whole thing in a shared directory.
    As such, I did not run the install on the other
    machines in the cluster. We use NFS. We also use
    NIS. I am using --prefix in the configure and all the
    prefix dirs are shared among all the cluster's

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11

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    This is a bug. Of course, RedHat 6.2 is rather well supported, so I don't know what to suggest. (I have
    RedHat 6.2 machines and don't see these problems.)

    Then again, I'm not using 1.20.2 or 1.12.9, both of which are fairly ancient.

    I suggest trying 1.40.1 beta or the current CVS version, which have new tty code from rxvt by QingLong, and
    hope this has fixed the problem.

    Marking this as closed and assigned to QingLong (who's probably already fixed the problem, and the solution
    is in 1.40.1 beta.)

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> qinglong
    • status: open --> closed

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