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    I installed GNU Queue with the enable-root option and
    started the queued daemon. Then tried a "queue -i -w -n
    -- hostname" as a ordinary user which worked fine. The
    only problem was, ownership of dev/tty was changed to
    that user. (On linux)

    On Solaris, the same thing occured except instead of
    /dev/tty it changed /devices/pseudo/sy@0:tty, of

    I'm not certain what mistake I made. The only options I
    gave to confiure were:

    --enable-root --prefix=/usr/tmp

    Thanks for your help.

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    segoave -

    You may want to try again with a different prefix
    directory. I am no
    expert in the innards of queue, but the /usr/tmp directory
    under both
    Linux and Solaris is a symbolic link to /var/tmp, which has
    the sticky
    bit set. In Solaris type man sticky to find out more about
    what that
    does, but basically it affects the permissions of the files
    under it.

    - Mark

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11

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    I've added code a while back (which should now be in 1.40.1, and probably was in 1.30.1) that detects if this
    bug occurs and has Queue print out an error message (rather than changing ownership of /usr/tmp.)

    The problem is that the tty code isn't as portable as it should be.

    I think QingLong moves in code from rxvt to try to make the tty code more portable, so perhaps this is
    addressed. I am closing this as "out of date" and assinging it to QingLong to bring it to his attention if there
    are further issues with this.

  • Werner G Krebs

    Werner G Krebs - 2001-05-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> qinglong
    • status: open --> closed

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