#33 Distinctive shape (ANSI/military) for logic gates


Would it be possible to include "Distinctive shape" (ANSI/military) among the different representations of logic gates? The default one ("old") and the alternative one (rectangular shape) are different to the ones I'm used to.
You can see an example of the three representations on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OR_gate#Symbols
I think the "military" one should be the default one, it's the one I've seen more often.


  •  gatisg

    gatisg - 2010-04-19

    Adding new symbol set would take alllot of time to draw them all. IMHO would be better to have app setting for default symbol set. Ability to change symbol shape to user defined is already present - create new schematic with gate, add inputs, outputs, draw user symbol shape, add to user lib, pick when needed.

  • Cousteau

    Cousteau - 2010-04-19

    I don't think it would take a lot of time; it's just 8 components (not, or, nor, and, nand, xor, xnor, buffer), the rest of digital components would remain the same. I'd volunteer to draw them myself if I find out which file and format they're stored in.
    If the problem is in having 3 sets of symbols instead of 2 then I'd replace the "old" model with the descriptive one.


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