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The Quantum Game Library

For those who are reading the SF news, this project now hosts the Quantum Game Library project, which is independent of the Quantum Star SE game.

As such the QS game is hosted here as a download option, but is no longer the core reason for this project entry's existence.

Support for the QS Game is given on a limited basis on the Astrum Futura forums ( http://forums.astrumfutura.com ). AF is the successor project to QS.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2007-01-23

Project Status Summary: June 2006

Keeping everyone informed! This is just a short summary, so keep an ear glued to the main website and forums. The project is currently at status: Pre-Alpha. Available code is either the legacy Generation branch, or the newer Evolved branch.

The Evolved branch's code is constantly under development and is incomplete and/or unstable almost all the time. We expect to see releases in Autumn of this year. We are now at revision 112 in our Subversion repository, feel free to checkout the HEAD version if curious about where the new rewritten version is going - it's OOP based, uses the MVC design pattern as a model, and incorporates the Partholan PHP Framework we developed for use in the new game.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2006-06-07

Subversion repository opened

Notification that the Subversion repository for the project is now active. I have migrated the current version of the source code from my personal svn server (at revision 90). If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on our public forums.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2006-05-17

Site Online

The new phpBB forums are now online. Work on QS continues and we are reaching a 0.14 release on the website. Sourceforge will resume on the new branch once we attain a more stable, and feature rich game.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-11-24

SITE OUTAGE !!! Temporary Status

Just to note that the recent period of my study vacation has resulted in a temporary expiry of quantum-star.com. I will be renewing the domain in the next few days - so please be patient while this issue is resolved, and the website returns.

In the intermediate period, I can be contacted about QS at: http://forum.solar-empire.net/ the official SE forums (the game QS is forked from, and which I still am active on).... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-09-28

Update to v3-0.10

Development on v3-0.10 is proceeding. An initial commit was made yesterday to CVS which shows the new game structure. For those not already aware - QS has been updated since our early pre-alpha to utilise an MVC design pattern to structure classes. A playable release should be released (at long last) within a few weeks.

For the latest: http://blog.quantum-star.com

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-09-14

May 2005 Update

Well, that playable release has not yet emerged. While implementing combat I noticed a few weaknesses in the organisation of several classes (basically classes for fleets and ships were not specific enough, and the user classes not general enough). I'll probably split some of these classes into two smaller versions.

The main delay however was work - real life isn't too considerate of my release schedule...... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-05-31

Quantum Star SE 3.0.0-0.5 pa Released

QS3 has been released, the next version will be playable, so this one is for testing purposes only. Watch this space, QS is coming back after a 9 month breather...

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-04-08

QS 3.0.0-0.2 pre-alpha in CVS

It's been a long time coming. Quantum Star SE 3 is now in development - the most recent code which drastically updates the backend is now committed to CVS.

The new update is a straight port from our sister project - Shadows Rising RPG. With a new CSS tableless theme, and some basic opening pages.

This pre-alpha is NOT playable - we have a lot more basic gameplay work to complete before players can start mining and attacking other fleets :).... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2005-02-15

Quantum Star SE 2.2.0 RC2 Released

Quantum Star SE is a browser based space strategy game written in PHP, forked from Solar Empire.

Quantum Star SE 2.2.0 RC2 is a long overdue update to RC1 and Beta3 to eliminate the more game effecting bugs reported over the past number of months. This release primarily targets bugs reported from RC1, and will be the final Release Candidate prior to final release.

The developers would like to note that no additional features are planned for the 2.2.0 branch, and that we are making progress on some very fundamental changes as part of 2.3.0, a pre-alpha version of which is now available only from CVS.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-11-22

QS 2.2.0 RC-1 Release Coming...

It will be released this coming weekend - expect a lot of fixes! Some dev-quality RC code is available from the main website for those eager to take a preview look at the near-Final game.

Work on 2.3.0 will commence October 17, with an Alpha/Developer version to be made available from CVS source within a few weeks.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-10-14

Quantum Star SE 2.2.0 Beta1 Released

The Developers of Quantum Star SE are proud to announce the
release of Quantum Star SE 2.2.0 Beta1.

QS 2.2.0 Beta Release marks the culmination of over six months
development and introduces a host of improvements over all
prior versions. The most important features however are the
increased speed and stability of the game, aided in no small part
by the introduction of Fleets to replace the ship-by-ship focus
of the 2.1.x releases.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-05-11

10 April 2004 Development Snapshot - Released!

The April 10th snapshot, focuses almost entirely on one area - that of ship to ship combat. The combat system has been rewritten and heavily modified from the prior versions to more completely account for Fleets. I have also eliminated the need to send players a message for every single attack on a ship - instead linking these together into a single summary which is sent to the opposing player as a single message. Escape Pods have been overhauled so they are added and deleted correctly. Switching command between fleets now takes immediate effect - and all fleets are given a command vessel upon creation. The main areas of weakness remaining are Finbarrs and the now outdated Fleet Management areas to be reworked during the coming days. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and tested the recent snapshots - your feedback is a valuable source of bugs which could not be done without! Enjoy the new Development Snapshot!

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-04-10

Dev Snapshot for 30 March 2004 Released

For full details see the Quantum Star SE website and release notes attached to file release.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-03-30

Development Snapshot 31-March-2004

Another snapshot will be released to SF at the above date. The current round of bug-fixing is taking longer than expected due to work commitments but we are pushing through the obstacles and getting the new version prepared.<br><br>Thanks to everyone who has submitted bugs over the past few weeks!

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-03-18

Development Snapshot 31-Jan-04 Released

This is a snapshot of the current development code as at 31 January 2003. Main changes and a full description are available at the website - http://www.quantum-star.com.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2004-02-02

Quantum Star SE 2.1.23 Released Today

Quantum Star SE is pleased to announce the release of version
2.1.23 of the code. Most of the changes made are purely on a
maintenance basis - but many changes made to the upgrade
system have found their way into this release. See the release
notes for prior version for a more general ideas of changes over
the last month. But in brief:

- New upgrades system, almost completely rewritten for the
future QS 2.2 has been added for testing.
- Raiding and Claiming have been made more streamlined -
removing a number of uneccesary steps
- Finbarrs Used Store will now accept used Star Ships!!!
- Menu and Theme System received some final adjustments
- Sign-up and ADOdb issues re-examined and (hopefully) solved
- Scanning/Cloaking System now fully replaces the older system
(note that the full potential of many changes requires the Fleet
Based Management system planned for 2.2 - a simpler version
focusing on ship movement and management will be added for
the next version and will be backwards compatible with the
current aged Towing System)... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-11-11

QS 2.1.22 in the works

In response to bug reports, comments and suggestions regarding the 2.1.21 release, a maintenance version will be released tomorrow evening GMT. The release will bring additional amendments to the layout, add the completed menu (rather than the current "looks-like-a-dogs-dinner" quickie version), adds a system for adding Themes to the game, enabling players/users to create new themes which alter the coloring, graphics, menu bar and footer used by the currently 4 default Themes which will be debuted in the new version, fixes some notorious data doubling which appear in player/ship lists across the game due to the recent ADOdb integration.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-10-28

Quantum Star SE 2.1.21 Released

Quantum Star SE is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1.21 of its Browser Based Game written in PHP. This new release brings together several side developed additions to further increase our progress towards the overall aim of providing an easy-to-install web based game.

To this end, Quantum Star SE welcomes the inclusion of the excellent ADOdb Database Abstration Layer which will enable QS to operate with database systems other than MySQL. We have also completed to a large degree our new Installation System, making installing and managing the game far easier as a whole than ever before.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-10-21

QS 2.1.21 on the way!

After hitting some delays in releasing 2.1.20. I'm pleased to announce that Quantum Star SE 2.1.21 will be released in the coming 24hrs.<br><br>Changes will include integration of the ADOdb database abstraction layer, making QS the only SE based game to support multiple database types. Changes also include fixes for multiple table display errors frequently evident in 2.1.19, and also some basic security improvements. In our quest to add more options over the server as a whole, we have added support for GZip HTTP Compression.<br><br>Thanks to all who have submitted bug reports over the past few weeks. Your help is always appreciated!

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-10-21

Quantum Star SE 2.1.20 release scheduled

Yes, after a few weeks of collecting bug reports, 2.1.20 will be released on Saturday, October 18th.

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-10-15

Quantum Star SE 2.1.19

I am pleased to announce the release of Quantum Star SE 2.1.19, introduced to facilitate further bug fixes and enhancements.<br>Users will be glad to note that Maintenance scripts now operate correctly and the installation files have been debugged and will operate quite well on most systems.<br>Thanks to all who contributed bug reports. Enjoy the release and the future gaming to come...

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-09-30

Quantum Star SE 2.1.18 Release

Just to be a nuisance, between completing the release for 2.1.18 and the inevitable 2.1.19 bug fix this coming weekend - here's an initial release for my faithful to download.


Version is basically the current QS one less several features kept back just to spite you all. There are several known bugs in the release (see afore mentioned release due 6/7 September) but this is basically it. ... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-09-01

Quantum Star SE 2.0.8 sees the light of day!

The Quantum Star SE project is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.8 of Q-S SE.

Quantum Star SE is based on the popular browser based game Solar-Empire, and aims to improve SE by building in support for extension modules to further enhance and extend the game, increasing ease of use for the player, and enabling Administators to easily customise the game for their own game styles.

Quantum Star SE 2.1.0 is planned for release in April and will include an automatic installation system, basic support for adding modules, a more player friendly interface and integrated help.... read more

Posted by Pádraic Brady 2003-03-06

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