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updating to Qt4

With the help of a new member of the Qtstalker project, we are attempting to update the codebase from its use of Qt-3.3+ to Qt-4.3+

Last week we released Qtstalker-0.36 as the last Qt3 version.

Users of main trunk can continue, however it must be today's revision. There is a CVS tag "trunk-after-qt3to4-mixup" :-)

There will be a CVS branch called "qtstalker-qt4-branch" where we will do the update.... read more

Posted by David Crossley 2008-04-24

Qtstalker 0.36 released

As usual, please read docs/CHANGELOG-0.36 for the details.

The main changes are ...

Improved installation documentation.

Fixed "Auto Reload" of the CSV Quote plugin.

Enable quick access to "Recent Charts".

Improved error reporting for CSV Quote plugin.

Added deliberately basic CSS to improve docs presentation and emphasise the version number.

Thanks to all contributors.

Posted by David Crossley 2008-04-19

Qtstalker 0.35 released

As usual, please read docs/CHANGELOG-0.35 for the details.

The main changes are ...

The Yahoo plugin "Quote" method was broken by a URL change.
The methods "History" and "Auto History" were not affected.

Improved docs/quick.html and docs/yahoo.html documentation.

The "Pivot Point" indicator is fixed.

To assist developers, source code documentation is now generated with Doxygen.
See the website.... read more

Posted by David Crossley 2007-09-28

Qtstalker 0.34 released

As usual, please read docs/CHANGELOG-0.34 for the details.
There are over 130 changes listed.

Here are some of the more important ones ...

Installing TA-Lib is now a pre-requisite. See qtstalker/docs/install.html

Your user workspace will be automatically converted from ~/.qtstalker/data0/
to ~/.qtstalker/data1/

Now single-click to select charts in the "Work with Charts" navigator panel.

New ExScript indicator. User can run external scripts that can pass data back to ExScript to be plotted.... read more

Posted by David Crossley 2007-06-17

qtstalker 0.33 released!

Hi all.

This is a big release with lots of new features and improvements. Too many to list, so read the CHANGELOG for details.

I warn users of 0.32 that wish to upgrade that there is no backwards compatibility with CUS rules in indicators, scanners and backtesting. Unfortunately you will have to recode them using the new scripting facility. It's much easier now. Sorry folks, but I just don't have the time anymore to spend on these things. It's been over a year since the last official release! It's worth the extra time.... read more

Posted by Steve Stratos 2006-11-18

qtstalker 0.32 released!

This release corrects the multiple chart object bug from 0.31. There are some new indicators and stock splits can now be handled.

Enjoy and profit.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2005-06-05

qtstalker 0.31 released!

Ok, lets try this again...This is a bug fix release to smooth over some issues from 0.30.

This is an action packed release. Please read the news item for 0.30 for some CRITICAL upgrade information for 0.29 users.

As always, enjoy and profit.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2005-05-21

qtstalker 0.30 released! Please Read

This release has good news and bad news.

The good news is this release contains a huge amount of changes and new features to make the best release yet.

The bad news. As a result of so many improvements, this release is not backwards compatible with previous releases. Booooo!!!!! I know...it sucks. For details on what to do about upgrading please read the FAQ regarding upgrading from version 0.20 to 0.30.... read more

Posted by Steve Stratos 2005-05-15

qtstalker 0.29 released!

Ok kids, here's a nice new, fresh, clean version to play with. We've got some new goodies, and a ton of bug fixes and improvements.

Enjoy and profit.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2005-01-25

qtstalker 0.28 released!

This is a bug fix release. This fixes the nasty quotes dialog segfault bug and CSV plugin rule parse bug.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-10-07

qtstalker 0.27 released!

After many months of development 0.27 is finally out. Lots of new goodies and bug fixes.

Enjoy and profit.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-09-29

qtstalker 0.26 released!

The "hide your sheep" version (0.26) has been released. There are a ton of new goodies for all you good boys and girls to play with. The most exciting being drag and drop chart objects.

As with all my major feature upgrade versions, there could be some compatibility problems with previous versions, so please be warned. Rest assured that others and myself will do our best to help solve any issues.... read more

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-06-03

Yahoo Quotes

Yahoo has within the last few days changed the URL for quote downloads. So, all released versions have stopped working.

The current CVS version fixes this problem. I will have to hurry a 0.26 release.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-05-29

0.25 Debian binary available!

There is now a Debian binary available of 0.25 for download. Thanks to Marco for making this package available.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-03-10

qtstalker 0.25 released!

This is a bug fix release to fix compile error on some distributions. This fixes the compile error for the OVRLY plugin.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-02-21

qtstalker 0.24 released!

This is a bug fix release for some bugs that appeared in 0.23. Major bugs fixed are:

Compile errors on mdk / redhat systems.
The phantom indicator created when trying to edit indicators.
Segfaults on large volume values over 4 billion.
Trendline creation behaves strangely when end point is less than start point.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-02-18

qtstalker 0.23 released!

Hey kids, get it while it's hot. Lots o' changes in this one. As usual, read the changelog for the details.

Enjoy and profit!

Posted by Steve Stratos 2004-02-04

0.22 Debian binary available!

A big thanks goes out to Marco Van Zwetselaar, for creating a binary for Debian users. Marco is also working at getting qtstalker into the main Debian distrobution. This is exciting news.

For more information about the package, please see Marco's page at http://zwets.com/qtstalker

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-10-19

0.22 Released!

Hey kiddies, this release hopes to be the best yet. Here's a brief summary:

Debian compile issues have been fixed.
New plugins including a MySQL data importer, overlays etc.
Bug fixes.
Loads of little GUI enhancements.
New date plotting for more detail.
The list goes on and on....read the CHANGELOG for all the details.

Enjoy and profit!

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-10-15

0.21 Released!

The long awaited release of 0.21.

Lots of bug fixes.
New install procedure using the familiar './configure;make;make install' routine.
New indicators.
Improved CSV and MA* plugins.
UI enhancements.

Enjoy and make some profits.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-09-25

Yahoo Quote Plugin

On 20030917, Yahoo made a change to the historical quote format that caused the Yahoo quote plugin to reject the data. This has now been fixed and the changes are in CVS.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-09-20

CBOT Plugin

It appears that the CBOT site has changed access methods for EOD data. The CBOT plugin is not able to get any data since 20030716. ASCII files are no longer available for download in the old CSV format.

I will be working on a solution for this change. Sadly, it seems that one by one the exhanges are trying to make it as difficult as possible for the avreage person to collect data. All the history data is in pdf and xls formats. Way to go guys, lock up the data in proprietary formats and alienate the small traders.... read more

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-07-20

0.20 Released!

Hey kids, this release is mainly to fix the compile problems with Qt3.0* users. Also some new goodies like:

log scaling
data panel
swing charts

Enjoy and beware evil doers wherever you are...

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-07-14

0.19 compile errors

I have been getting alot of Qt compile error reports with the latest version (0.19) from users. Many people are trying to compile with Qt 3.0* and failing. This is because I have been using Qt 3.1.2 for development and did not update the docs to mention this.

I am currently working on backporting all the changes to be compatible with Qt 3.0*. The current CVS version will compile with Qt 3.0*. Those of you who have Qt 3.0* can download the CVS version and use that until I am able to release a new version.... read more

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-07-10

0.19 Released

This is a bug fix release for some nasty bugs in 0.18. If you have installed 0.18, please upgrade to 0.19.

Posted by Steve Stratos 2003-05-22

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