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Welcome to the Qtractor wiki!

This is an amalgamation of various existing documents, originally wiki-fied by junkyardsparkle and Yassin Philip, with updates by several others. The current working pages are as below:

[Manual - Table of Contents]
[Manual - 1 Introduction]
[Manual - 2 Installing and Configuring Qtractor]
[Manual - 3 Learning Qtractor--An Example Session]
[Manual - 4 Qtractor--An Overview]
[Manual - 5 Qtractor Menus]
[Manual - 6 Appendixes]

The How-To section, started by Sean Beeson, contains the following pages:

[How To - Create Individual MIDI and Audio Buses-Ports]
[How To - Set the number of channels an audio track records]
[How To - Sample MIDI Composition Workflow]

Older manuals, which contain some different information to the wiki, can be found here:

[qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt1]
[qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt2]
[qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt3]

[qtractor 0.5.x Part 0. Installing Qtractor]
[qtractor 0.5.x Part 1. Quick Start]

Manual Drafts of features for future versions can be found here:

junkyardsparkle also started the [Meta - Discussion] page, for general discussion of Qtractor documentation creation.

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

Project Members:


Wiki: How To - Create Individual MIDI and Audio Buses-Ports
Wiki: How To - Sample MIDI Composition Workflow
Wiki: How To - Set the number of channels an audio track records
Wiki: Manual - 1 Introduction
Wiki: Manual - 2 Installing and Configuring Qtractor
Wiki: Manual - 3 Learning Qtractor--An Example Session
Wiki: Manual - 4 Qtractor--An Overview
Wiki: Manual - 5 Qtractor Menus
Wiki: Manual - 6 Appendixes
Wiki: Manual - Table of Contents
Wiki: Manual Draft - Loop Mode Recording
Wiki: Meta - Discussion
Wiki: qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt1
Wiki: qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt2
Wiki: qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt3
Wiki: qtractor 0.5.x Part 0. Installing Qtractor
Wiki: qtractor 0.5.x Part 1. Quick Start

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