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QTerm has moved to github!

Posted by Xiaoqiang Wang 2016-11-24

QTerm 0.5.7 Released

Another new release, this version brings to our users the long waited feature: separate font settings for ASCII character and other character. Besides this the main focus is stability. This version should have no problem to compile on most platforms(latest (K)ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, and Windows) without special tweaks. Please test and submit bug reports to our tracker.

Posted by luran 2009-06-30

QTerm 0.5.6 Released

This is the most exciting release I ever did, there is only one highlight in this release: script support with QtScript, but with this new feature, and with Qt bindings for QtScript, you can almost what ever you want in QTerm. Come with this release there are some examples provided, you can change the behavior of mouse/keyboard action for different BBS site, highlight keywords, make web snapshot... All kind of cool things you ever dream of, learn more about the script support in the Scripts page and start write your own today!
On the other side, the current script interface is still young, and things might not work as they expected. If you want to help us improve it (I am sure you want :). Send bug report and feature request, or even better, patches to our tracker, have fun.
Update: I just realized the current script support only compiles and works with Qt 4.5. If you are still using older version, you should disable script support to compile QTerm with the following command

Posted by luran 2009-06-08

QTerm 0.5.5 Released

Highlights in this release:
KWallet support through dbus
Better character rendering
Multi-line url
MSVC and MinGW support
Bug fixes as always

Posted by luran 2009-05-02

QTerm 0.5.4 Released

Another 0.5 release, there are some major internal change in the code, so I decide to make a release for testing purpose. It might crash, halt, eat your baby, make sure to report bugs (and feature request) to us so we can make the next release even better.
Some highlights in this release:
1. UTF-8 support.
2. Simple support (Yes, I do listen to our users though I did not reply my email in time ;)
3. KDE Phonon support. ... read more

Posted by luran 2009-02-25

QTerm 0.5.3 Released

We still alive ;). This is the third release of 0.5 series, now QTerm has its own domain name: qterm.org. This new version introduced shinny configuration dialogs for shortcuts and toolbars. Try them out and report bugs if there are any. This version also try to integrate better into your desktop environment. It will use the notification function provide by KDE 4 whenever is possible. Enjoy the new release and have fun.

Posted by luran 2008-11-28

QTerm 0.5.2 released

Another development snapshot from the 0.5 series. The most obvious changes are the new addressbook and preference dialogs. The format of the config files is changed thanks to the new QSettings based config class. The MinGW support is improved, but the windows version is still in an early stage. As usual, please use our tracker to submit bug report and feature request.

Posted by luran 2008-05-12

QTerm 0.5.1 released

Here is the 0.5.1 release with the new SSH code. Have fun

Posted by luran 2008-03-04

QTerm 0.5.0 released

The first release of 0.5 series, enjoy

Posted by luran 2008-02-09

QTerm 0.4.0 is out

After 4 pre release, QTerm 0.4.0 is finally released, check it out and report bugs

Posted by luran 2006-07-10

Qt 4 port is in the CVS

If you are brave enough, check it out and try.

Posted by luran 2006-02-17

QTerm 0.4.0pre4 released

Here comes the latest release of QTerm. Test it and report bugs to us, enjoy.

Posted by luran 2006-02-17

0.3.9 released

more python functions

Posted by Xiaoqiang Wang 2004-09-17

0.3.8 released

proxy support on SSH1

Posted by Xiaoqiang Wang 2004-08-24

QTerm 0.3.6 is out

This is a bugfix release. many bugs and menleaks has been fixed. Try it.

Posted by luran 2004-05-18

QTerm 0.3.5 source package reuploaded

There is a big bug in the just released QTerm 0.3.5, since there will not be a new release in the near future. We reuploaded the source package to fix the bug. Please redownload it.

Posted by luran 2004-02-21

QTerm 0.3.5 released

Here is the latest release in the 0.3.x series. The main improvement is SSH support, yet we still not recommend you use QTerm as a SSH client because the SSH protocol is not fully supported in QTerm, only enough for BBS use. And there are also some small change. Bug reports and patches are always welcome.

Posted by luran 2004-02-20

0.3.4 released

schema support and many bug fixes

Posted by Xiaoqiang Wang 2003-11-09

rpm package reuploaded

I've made a big mistake when making the rpm package for rh9, some important files were missing. Now this is there is a new one to fix the problem. Please redownload your rpm. And I suggest all the rpm users to upgrade since there contains some other small bugfix. Sorry for the unconvenint.

Posted by luran 2003-10-04

QTerm 0.3.3 released

We are pleased to release a new development version 0.3.3. Miserably we still have no ssh1/2 support in this release. But the displayment has been improved a lot. And there is also some other bugfixes. enjoy.

Posted by luran 2003-09-30

0.3.2 released

great improvement

Posted by Xiaoqiang Wang 2003-07-09

0.3.1 released

bug fix version

Posted by Xiaoqiang Wang 2003-06-25