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UPDATE #4 to qOrganizer v3.1

v3.1 Update 4:
-Added Polish translation thanks to Dariusz Gadomski
-Fixed a bug that caused memory problems and crashes on 64 bit systems
-Removed compiler warning messages
-Binaries recompiled with Qt 4.4

Posted by Balázs Béla 2008-09-07

UPDATE #3 for qOrganizer v3.1

v3.1 Update 3:
-Added German and French translation thanks to Jens Körner (German) and Naji Mammeri (French).
-The scrollbars in the Booklet are now synchronized.
-Added German date format to settings dialog

You can find it in the download section.
I added the digit 3 to the end of the release files.


Posted by Balázs Béla 2008-02-02

UPDATE: qOrganizer v3.1

The packages for qOrganizer v3.1 have been updated.
-Fixed some errors in the Romanian translation
-Added a Dutch translation thanks to Wouter Gelderblom

I also removed the light package for Windows since it was causing some confusion.

Happy new year everyone!

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-12-28

v3.1 Release updated!

The v3.1 release of qOrganizer has been updated, a bug was fixed(http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1808726&group_id=199558&atid=969974)
and the website url was added to the about box.

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-10-07

Website for qOrganizer is now finished and available.

The new website is now finished.
It provides some guidelines concerning the usage of the program and aims to provide all the information thats needed regarding the project.


Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-10-05

qOrganizer v3.1 on softpedia

qOrganizer v3.1 can be found on softpedia.com and
was tested by their theme, and it was found to be 100% Clean.

The windows version can be found here:


And the Linux version can be found here:



Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-09-25

qOrganizer v3.1 on getdeb.net

A package of qOrganizer v3.1 can be found on
getdeb.net on the following url:

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-09-25

qOrganizer v3.1 released!

v3.1 is another bugfix release:

-Fixed a bug in the journal, now text can be pasted from any source, not only images.
-Corrected minor translation errors
-Set the window title for the Settings dialog.

Not too big changes but I feel they are needed.If you encounter any other bugs, please report them.
Thanks and enjoy!

3.0 has a lot of new features, a lot of polishing went into it, let's see the changes.... read more

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-09-22

qOrganizer v3.0 released!

3.0 has a lot of new features, a lot of polishing went into it, let's see the changes.

Changes in 3.0:

-Added Estonian translation thanks to Jefim Borissov.

-New storing modes, since many people consider storing data in text files primitive, qOrganizer v3.0 lets you choose what storing mode you want.You can choose between text files, an SQLite database or you could connect to a MySQL server over the network, the choice is yours.... read more

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-09-17

Track the progress of the project on my new blog.

You can now keep up to date with the progress of this project by visiting my new blog:


Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-09-07

qOrganizer v2.1 on getdeb.net

qOrganizer is now available on getdeb.net

You can find it here: http://www.getdeb.net/app.php?name=qOrganizer

Thanks a lot too João Pinto for making the package and publishing it on getdeb.net

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-08-26

qOrganizer v2.1 released!

qOrganizer is a general organizer that includes a calendar with schedule,reminders,journal/notes for every day, to-do list.But provides features useful for students such as:timetable and a booklet for marks and absences.It's designed to be easy to use.

2.1 is a bugfix release.
I am planning to make pretty radical changes to the code (like adding SQLite support to store data), school is close, the vacation is comming to an end, I don't know when I'll get those implemented so I thought I'll make a bugfix release for 2.0 to get rid of the most annoying bugs.... read more

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-08-23

qOrganizer v2.0 released!

The new release of qOrganizer comes loaded with many sweet features and is more polished than the previous releases.
The version number 2.0 is well deserved considering all improvements compared to 1.0.


-Average calculation implemented to deal with subjects separately and recalculate average for the subject when the row changes in the
mark table. Also added a textfield containing the total average (all averages are rounded and their average is calculated)... read more

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-08-17

qOrganizer 1.0 - Softpedia 100% CLEAN Award

Softpedia has granted qOrganizer the 100% CLEAN Award this means they have tested it for malware, spyware, viruses, and none have been found.


The qOrganizer download page on softpedia:

I'm quite happy to hear this.
And I would like to thank Softpedia for taking the time to test my software.

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-07-31

v1.0 recompiled with qt 4.3.0 for windows.

The 1.0 release for windows has been updated, I recompiled it with qt 4.3.0 and replaced the dlls.

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-07-30

qOrganizer v1.0 released

We finally got from beta to stable and the new release comes with a lot of bug fixes and sweet features like language changing simplified and handled by the settings dialog.
The new release also brings a more flexible timetable and the ability to sort the to-do list.

Enjoy and give me plenty of feedback :)

qOrganizer v1.0 uses qt 4.3.0

If you get undefined symbol errors then install the qt 4.3.0 libraries.
In the windows version they are included in the package (in the full one)... read more

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-07-30

Need artwork.

If you just happen to be an artist, and have your way with Gimp, Photoshop , Inkscape or whatever and if you would like to contribute to this open source project then please contact me.
The task would be making an iconset to replace the my NuvoX based icons in the application, it's 7 icons or so.
The goal would be to make something thats pretty and cool.
It would be good to use the same color palette for all 7 icons, to achieve some homogenity.
(The icons on the toolbar only, not the icon of the application, but if you can do something better thats awesome and mind-blowing, I'm open to it)... read more

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-07-23

Feedback needed :P

I am open to any kind of feedback, I want to hear your opinion about this program/project, your suggestions, your feature requests. Please report any bugs you encounter.Use the tracker when possible, and please use the forums for discussion/opinion.
I would really want to get some feedback.
Thank you.

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-07-09


qOrganizer v0.2 Beta was released with Hungarian and
Romanian translations available.
If you would like to translate qOrganizer to your language please contact me.

Posted by Balázs Béla 2007-06-26