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Posted by David Nichols 2008-03-12

0.6.2 release and new Qore Home Page

Qore 0.6.2 is now available for immediate download, and Qore has a new web site: http://qoretechnologies.com/qore

The 0.6.2 is a major release, featuring new PostgreSQL, Sybase, and FreeTDS (for open source MS SQL Server and Sybase connectivity), safe signal handling support, major performance improvements, HTTPClient improvements (redirections, basic authentication, proxy support), deadlock detection, new support for exception-safe programming, improved support for database-driver independent SQL programming, MySQL and Oracle driver improvements, new operators, functions, classes, methods, and a lot more.

Additionally the documentation has been extensively expanded (also many more examples have been added) and many corrections have been made. ... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2007-06-15

0.6.1 bugfix release

0.6.1 source and binary packages are available for download.

this is primarily a bugfix release:
HTTPClient class: fixed connections to HTTP 1.1 servers (set the Host: header properly), implemented reading chunked transfer-encoding, implemented 'deflate' and 'gzip' content-encoding handling

Datasource class: fixed core dump when a thread exits after the datasource object is deleted when a transaction was in progress... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2007-02-16

0.6.0 release - major new features

Qore 0.6.0 has just been released. qore is a modular, multithreaded, embeddable, db-integrated, weakly-typed, object-oriented programming language with XML & perl5-regex support, oracle, mysql, TIBCO Rendezvous and AE modules, suitable for interface development, application scripting, etc.

new features include:
* significant performance increases on SMP platforms
this is one of the most important updates so far - basically work has been done to reduce the number of cache invalidations (meaning mostly locking and atomic updates for referenced-counted objects, but also Operator optimizations and more) which has resulted in a more than 2x speed improvement for the code paths where the optimization has been implemented (on SMP platforms)... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2007-01-31

new forums available

There are some new forums available for Qore programming language discussion on: http://www.qoretechnologies.com/forums

Look for the Qore section underneath the Qorus Interation Engine section (Qorus user code programming is done in Qore).


Posted by David Nichols 2006-11-04

0.5.3 released, tons of fixes

qore 0.5.3 is available for download - some of the fixes include: ncurses module fix, solaris shared build fixes, lots of deadlocks fixed (Datasource, SingleExitGate, Queue classes), reduced unnecesary object reference locking (which could cause deadlocks in some complex scenarios), memory errors and memory leaks fixed, linked list errors fixed in QoreQueue class (qore-language Queue class), fixed circular reference with thread-local storage and the QoreProgram class, implemented some new functions and support for directly specifying binary constants (ex: const bin = <0ab5217feab4>;), more use of STL containers where appropriate, lots of other bug fixes...... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2006-10-15

0.5.2 release available, ncurses module broken

unfortunately I didn't catch the fact that the ncurses module was broken in the 0.5.2 release. it's fixed in svn.

If anyone needs this module working and doesn't know how/can't to compile qore from svn, let me know and I'll make a bugfix release.

Posted by David Nichols 2006-09-28

v0.5.2 release imminent, compatibility warnings

The 0.5.2 release has some major functional and design improvements, but also contains a few changes that could potentially break backwards compatibility with some programs.

*** The "tibco" module has been renamed to "tibae".
Be aware that to use TIBCO Active Enterprise functionality in v0.5.2 you have to include "%requires tibae" instead of "%requires tibco" in your qore scripts. This was done to avoid confusion with the new "tibrv" module in v0.5.2 which provides TIBCO Rendezvous support.... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2006-09-16

subversion migration complete

CVS will no longer be updated - please use subversion from now on...

To check out a working copy from subversion:
svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qore

developer access to CVS has been disabled - all further commits should be done to subversion.

Posted by David Nichols 2006-06-07

migration to subversion

If there are no objects from anyone in the next week, qore will be migrated to svn from cvs on sourceforge.

For any concerns or objects, please email me or post comments here.


Posted by David Nichols 2006-04-24

changes in next release

I think that we came up with a good compromise that maximizes backwards compatibility while maintaining the ease of use for the programmer and keeping maximum flexibility for the future.

The idea goes like this:
throw statements would keep the same syntax; you can throw anything you want.
However, the throw arguments will be mapped in a systematic way to the exception hash (I mean the automatic catch variable we always called “$ex”).... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2006-04-10

0.4.2 release &amp; OO features

There were some errors in the RELEASE-NOTES included with the 0.4.2 release regarding object copying.

In 2 places in the RELEASE-NOTES it states that objects can never be copied. This is not true. Objects can be copied by explicitly cal\ ling the "copy()" method. Otherwise they will be referenced by default.

$a = new Class();
$b = $a; # $b holds a reference to object $a
delete $b; # the single object is deleted
$a.method(); # throws an exception because the object was deleted... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2005-12-09

class inheritance in CVS

Originally posted on 2005.11.01:

I've committed class inheritance to CVS over the weekend - it's looking good.

qore now supports multiple inheritance with the ability to call base class constructors with custom arguments in subclasses (with a c++-like syntax), override base class constructor arguments from higher-level base classes, and call base class methods overridden by subclasses (from within a subclass).... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2005-12-09

Application development announced

ICT Systems ( http://www.ict.sk/ ) announces application development in Qore
Programming Language

Posted by Marian Bonda 2005-11-05

Qore Homepage updated

the Qore HP was updated today, have a look :)

Posted by Marian Bonda 2005-10-27

First Slovakian Qore Homepage

Even before the Qore project itself has a web page, there is now a Slovakian web page reachable on:


I've heard that the author of this page, Marian Bonda, is also writing a rap song about qore. I think we should be hearing this on the radio and watching the video on MTV real soon now... :-)

Posted by David Nichols 2005-09-30

CVS has been set up

I've checked the current release of qore into sourceforge's CVS server...

I've also already checked in some bug fixes... :-)

By the way, the sourceforge "Beta" status is because the language is not as complete as a typical mature open source project - it does not indicate any lack of stability.

the qore language is in heavy production use here in Austria running a workflow system with hundreds of threads, many database connections, processing hundreds of thousands of TIBCO messages, and keeping a memory footprint of under 100MB on an 8-way solaris server....... read more

Posted by David Nichols 2005-09-30

First Public Release

This is the first public release of the Qore Programming Language...

Posted by David Nichols 2005-09-29