#51 Overflow of the variable which keep the size of user mailbox


I have found the following bug.
While i was browsing the email accounts on one mail
server i saw that qmailadmin shows me a negative
number for the size of one mailbox (-1846.47 MB ). The
size of the mailbox is 2363736 kb which is ~ 2.3G. So i
calculated that if you keep the size in a signed int (didnt
look at the source) this number will overflow the int and
his sign bit will be 1 that is why the number is
negative(this is just my guess). So i guess that if you
make the variable unsigned or just use 64 bit variable the
things will be just fine but it is the programmers decision.

I am running the following versions:
netqmail 1.05
qmailadmin 1.2.1
vpopmail 5.4.7

Sorry if you already know about this bug but i didnt find it
in the bug list.

Thanks for writing this cool software.


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