Matthew Marks - 2014-04-03

Minor bug this - just documenting it.

If I start QLC+ with a uDMX interface already plugged in, the interface starts to produce data, and when I tick the uDMX output box in the i/o mapping tab, its green light comes on and I can control the lights. (QLC+ also remembers the setting of the output box so next time it is started, the green light comes on and the lights are controllable straight away.)

If, however, I start QLC+ without the interface connected, when I connect it and re-scan the hardware, the interface starts to produce data, but the Device column still says "None", no tick-box appears in the Output column, the green light doesn't come on and I cannot control the lights.

It behaves better when a DMX USB interface is plugged in after starting: double-clicking on the row populates the Device and Output columns and the lights are controllable.