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Bug tracker has been moved to bugzilla

Our tickets are read only now. Please use bugzilla for new requests:

Posted by xqt 2013-09-25

List changes, subscribe to pywikipedia-announce!


Our mailing lists have been updated [1]. In short, svn commits and tracker updates will not be sent to pywikipedia-l anymore, but to separate lists. Less spam for non-developer pywikipedia-l subscribers.

We would like pywikipedia users to subscribe to pywikipedia-announce, a mailing list with light traffic meant only for important announcements =)


Posted by NicDumZ — Nicolas Dumazet 2009-04-18

Use the mailing list!

There is a mailinglist for regular users and contributors to pywikipediabot. Subscribing to this list guarantees that you stay up to date regarding discussions and essential updates.

If you are a regular user of pywikipediabot, please subscribe at

Posted by Rob W.W. Hooft 2004-08-27

How about new snapshot releases?

Irregularly you will find new snapshot releases. It is tempting to use such a snapshot release, as it is much easier than using the CVS version of the 'bot.

You are encouraged to test whether the bot has what you want or to study the code by downloading a snapshot. If, however, you want to use a robot on the wikipedia regularly, please use the CVS version: only by using the very latest version you can be reasonably sure that the interaction between pywikipediabot and wikimedia keeps working as it should.

Posted by Rob W.W. Hooft 2004-08-27

Second snapshot: UTF-8 now works?

A second snapshot of the code was taken out of the CVS today. A few robots were added since the first snapshot, but more important: some efforts have gone on to make this work on UTF-8 wikipedia languages.

Posted by Rob W.W. Hooft 2003-11-17

Project moved into sourceforge

The python wikipedia robot framework has been moved from a private development onto sourceforge. We are now working on making the project more suitable for other users by providing better code comments and more consistent documentation.

Posted by Rob W.W. Hooft 2003-10-25