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Python 3.4 Correction in release 2.3.2

The log messages (all of them!) misused the {:s} format strings. Badly.

This release fixes all of the broken format strings, providing Python 3.4 support and correcting a long-standing error.

Posted by Steven F. Lott 2014-12-05

Minor change to 2.3.1

Updated some of the error message processing. Previously, I was lazy and used exceptions for error messages. I would then use logging.exception() to report them. This is alarming because it makes it look like the whole thing crashed.

I've replaced that with more conventional error messages and an error count. Much nicer. Less like a wholesale crash.

Posted by Steven F. Lott 2014-03-27

Complete Rewrite for Python3.3

Coming soon -- complete rewrite for Python 3.3

This will fix some long-standing problems.

It will simplify the application.

And it will add a few minor features. The idea is to avoid being feature-rich. The most important changes are simplifications to the code base.

Posted by Steven F. Lott 2014-03-20 Labels: Python3


Finally uploaded all the code for pyWeb. Thanks Jason for emailing the fix to the LaTeX output.

Posted by Steven F. Lott 2010-03-03