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Rewrite of Python PalmDB

Python PalmDB has been almost completely rewritten to make it much easier for people to write converters for PalmDB.
I will probably end up rewriting it some more, but this should give you a good idea of the direction things are going in.
Python PalmDB now converts between the Palm PDB format and XML.
With special plugins it will also write to 3rd party XML formats (IE with XSLT).

Posted by Rick Price 2006-10-07

Changed license to LGPL

I changed the license to LGPL because the license I was using did not make sense.

I would like anyone to be able to use the library, so if the license change causes you problems, just email me and I will see if we can work something out.

Posted by Rick Price 2006-06-20

Many changes to library, but no new release yet

I have made a fair number of changes to the library; but because they have not been completely tested and because I expect to make many more I have not made a new release yet.

One particular change that is important is that the date cracking functions should now work correctly.
If you are using the library, you should look at the subversion repository or send me an email, because this version should be better than the released version.

Posted by Rick Price 2006-06-20

New build with fixes

I rewrote the program section that builds the list of records, because the other implementation dropped records.
The new implementation does not seem to have the same problems, but may drop completely empty records.

Posted by Rick Price 2006-04-23

Source moved to Subversion

Subversion has been enabled, and new development has moved to Subversion.

Posted by Rick Price 2006-04-03