#2 Vector3 (and other list-type converted) Quirks


I realize this is dead simple to work-around at this point by just manually retrieving values by logical index, so I'm not sure if I'd call this a bug as much as a quirk, but...

simple = ogre.Vector3(2,5,6)
print simple[0]
print simple[1]
print simple[2]
# As you'd expect so far, however you don't have to stop there strangely.
print simple[3]
print simple[4]
print simple[78]
print simple[12893]

Is the jargon generated beyond the vector's three values intended?

Additionally, iterating the vector as a list will give you a nigh endless stream of results due to the above. Attempting to typecast the vector to a list/tuple will crash the program (at least on my simple setup). Lack of methods also prevents you from doing simple[0:2] to get just the first 3 values.


  • Andy

    Andy - 2008-08-19
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  • Andy

    Andy - 2008-08-19

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    This enhancement requires changes to Boost and possibly impacts the amount of handwrapper code (which I want to keep to a minimum).. So while acknowledging that the operation could be more 'pythonic' there is a reality to wrapping a C++ library and this is one of them :)...


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