#11 OGRE Demos D3D assets broken

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When running the OGRE family of demos using the D3D9 render system I get the following error:

OGRE EXCEPTION(3:): Cannot create D3D9 pixel shader VarianceShadowMapping/ShadowReceiverFP from microcode. in D3D9GpuFragmentProgram::loadFromMicrocode at ..\sr
c\OgreD3D9GpuProgram.cpp (line 180)

All the demos I have tested so far have this problem. See for example Demo_EnvMap.py.
They work very well under the GL render system.

I am using a clean installation of python 2.5.2 and the 1.2.RC2 version of python-ogre.


  • Andy

    Andy - 2008-07-29
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  • Andy

    Andy - 2008-07-29

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    Can you try this on a different machine as the problem doesn't show up on other systems. It's likely you have a laptop or older graphics card (or DX drivers) that is causing this issue.


  • Andy

    Andy - 2008-07-29
    • status: pending --> open
  • Ranieri Argentini

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    Allright, I've tried this in my girl's PC (NV 8600GT) and it works there. So I'm guessing it is indeed a question of hardware. My computer has an ATI X700. I'm guessing the problem is that it does not support SM3.0.

    Feel free to close this as we've figured it out. I do feel however that it is a potentially rather confusing issue. What I would like:
    1) Fallback render techniques for the sample materials. We want the samples to run pretty much anywhere they can. Besides, not everyone is targetting SM3.0 hardware exclusively yet. This is probably up to the C++ Ogre though as I don't imagine you have lots of time to waste screwing around with assets.
    2) You'd want to be alerted that the HW does not support certain capabilities in more explicit terms than "can't load microcode". This is probably again up to C++.

    Anyway, since these are more support issues, I'll take the discussion back to the forum.

    Thanks for all the hard work!


  • Andy

    Andy - 2008-08-01
    • status: open --> closed

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