#10 support for winldap


win32 users would benefit from python-ldap, but apparently openldap is hard to build on win32. not surprisingly, microsoft already have an RFC-like header (winldap.h) and library (wldap32.dll) which is reminiscent of old openldap API.

here is a proof-of-concept patch for making python-ldap build with winldap.h. I developed with mingw (gcc 3.4.5) which probably has a different winldap.h to the official MS platform SDK.

the resulting _ldap.dll causes an exception when you import it, but it's a starting point...


  • David Leonard

    David Leonard - 2007-04-11

    patch against python-ldap HEAD

  • Michael Ströder

    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Michael Ströder

    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • discussion: enabled --> disabled
    • Group: -->
  • Michael Ströder

    1. Since we have Win32 (with simple bind support) since years this is not urgent anymore.
    2. SASL/GSSAPI support would be much work. It seems more promising to investigate to build with recent MIT Kerberos for Windows which supports using the Windows credential cache.
    3. Nobody seems to be willing to work on this.

    -> closed

    Discussion closed. Go to the mailing list for any new idea.


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