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Python Tutorial (BG) version 2.0!

The new translation version matches Python Tutorial release 2.0.1.

Posted by Kaloian Doganov 2002-09-22

Bulgarian translation of "Python Regular Expression HOW-TO"!

Now Bulgariant translation of A.M. Kuchling's "Python Regular Expression HOW-TO" is available for download. Any bugfixes are appreciated.

Posted by Kaloian Doganov 2001-05-30

Python Tutorial (BG) 1.0.4 with PostScript fonts!

At last, the Bulgarian translation of Python Tutorial is typesetted with PostScript cyrillic fonts. Translation version (1.0.4) is available for download in PDF and PostScript formats.

Posted by Kaloian Doganov 2001-02-13

First bugfixed release.

Now all chapters begin on odd pages. Thanks to Svetoslav Nikolov for pointing this out.

Posted by Kaloian Doganov 2000-06-13

Initial release!

Bulgarian translation of Python Tutorial is released! PDF and PostScript files are suitable for printing only.

Posted by Kaloian Doganov 2000-06-12