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Maintainer(s) wanted

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to properly maintain PyScrabble going forward. If anyone is interested in maintaining the project, please contact me.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2007-11-10

PyScrabble 1.6.2 released!

PyScrabble 1.6.2 has been released! This is a server only release so you do not have to download a new client. It includes:
- Fixes to the server to properly delete games
- Fixes for a variable namespace issue on the server
- Fixes for an issue on the server that permitted users to login more than once

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2007-03-19

PyScrabble 1.6.1 released!

PyScrabble 1.6.1 has been released! It includes some minor bugfixes as well as some performance enhancements. Sorry about the lack of updates lately, I've been extremely busy with my regular job.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2007-03-17

PyScrabble 1.6 released!

PyScrabble 1.6 has been released! This release includes some new features as well as some bug fixes:
- Finnish translation
- Reworked communication protocol
- Improved unicode support.
- Fixed issue with running scripts in *nix systems.
- Fixed path issues when running 'python install'
- Fixed signal handling for the server
- Fixed path issues for the server console and service
- Removed custom logger and migrated to standard logging facility
- Added user history.
- You now have the option to be notified when new players login to the game
- Individual player records. The game now keeps track of your record against individual players.
- Fixed About dialog
- Fix for 1601637. The values for DEFAULT_HEIGHT and DEFAULT_WIDTH were reversed

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-12-21

PyScrabble 1.5.1 released!

This release is a fix for the server on windows. This is only a temporary fix for some path issues with nevow.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-11-21

Stability problems solved

With the 1.5 release, all the stability problems we've been experiencing should be solved. Please accept my apologies for the inconvience.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-11-15

PyScrabble 1.5 released!

PyScrabble 1.5 has been released. We've got a new language and new features so come check it out!

- The server now uses (and requires) ZODB as a backend for storing user/stat/game information.
- Added server version to server info
- Improved logging
- HTTP Proxy Support
- Support for adding additional hosts to list when registering
- Improved locale handling
- Renamed to to avoid naming conflicts
- Fix for 1564444. Improved unicode support
- New german words
- Serbian translation

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-11-15

Main Server Issues - Again

Sorry folks, we're having some memory issues with the main public server again. I hope to have them resolved ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-11-03

Main Server Issues - Resolved!

The main server is back up folks. Thanks for your patience, have fun!

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-10-27

Main Server Issues

Hi folks. Unfortunately our main server is down for a little while. You can use until the DNS Server starts resolving again.


Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-10-27

PyScrabble 1.4.1 released!

PyScrabble 1.4.1 is out! This release contains a bugfix for the 'tiles not connected' error and an updated German dictionary

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-09-05

PyScrabble 1.4 released!

PyScrabble 1.4 is out! Get it while its hot :)

New in this release:
- Fixed the webbrowser to open in a new window instead of stealing the current one
- New option to allow/ban spectators from a game
- Fixed continuous word bug
- Modified the letter distribution to be more generic.
- New game option to show letter distribution
- You can now double click on a game to join it

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-08-25

New Public Server!

I'm happy to announce that we have a new PyScrabble public server! Many thanks for Bryan Sarpad for donating his time and hardware. Please use the 'Find Public Server' button to create an account on the new server. Have fun!

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-06-07

PyScrabble 1.3.3 released!

PyScrabble 1.3.3 is out! This release contains some bugfixes and usability improvements. Enjoy!

- Fixes for latest nevow
- Fixed update user (admin)
- Modified 'find public servers' and 'server information' screen to refresh faster

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-06-07

Main Server on its way

I just received word today that the main server should be back up within 5-7 days. You can send your regards to British Telecom for all the trouble! Thanks to everyone for being patient.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-05-24

Main Server Down

Sorry about the trouble, but our main public server is down at the moment. There is some trouble with the ISP and I'm not sure when it will be resolved. I'll post updates here as I have them.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to host a server for me, please email me. Thanks!

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-05-12

PyScrabble 1.3.2 released!


- Fixed change password bug
- Fixed timer bug
- Fixed drag bug that resulted in funky letter behavior

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-04-10

PyScrabble 1.3.1 released!

Changes in this release were minor, but necessary. Have fun!

- Moved time control to server
- German translation

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-02-16

PyScrabble 1.3 released!

PyScrabble 1.3 is out!

We also have two new mailing lists for people to use. Check out the 'Contact' page for more info.

- "Toaster" style popup windows!
- Timed games!
- Configuration now stored in $APPDATA/pyscrabble
- Fixed bug with hanging sessions. You won't get 'you are already logged in' messages anymore
- When creating a game, the language of the game defaults to the locale of the creator
- Dictionary lookups are now done by the language setting of the game
- Added user preference to bold text on tiles
- Added user preference to show timestamps in 24-hour format
- Status messages now show what a player is doing on the server
- Server now says 'You have messages' if you have already viewed your offline messages
- Fixed URL bug
- Changed dictionary to point to
- Moved 'Allow Spectator Chat' button to Option Panel
- Players can now 'type' a word onto the board (click on a tile and try it out!)
- All timestamps should now be in local time
- Fixed 'double click' bug for multiple buttons
- Added option to save username/password/host when you login
- Players are no longer penalized a loss in an official game if they disconnect in an unclean fashion (crash, internet goes down etc.)
- Press 'Ctrl-A' to select/de-select all Letters in your rack. This makes it easier to trade all your letters at once
- Thanks to Jonathan Jacobs for the cool new icons!
- New color preferences available
- You can now press enter to submit a blank tile
- Added 'Add Server to Host' button in Find Public Server window in case you forget a host entry
- Misc bugfixes

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2006-01-24

PyScrabble 1.2 Released!

PyScrabble 1.2 is out! Thanks to everyone for who helped out with this release.

Check out the new Forums!

- Now uses ENABLE (Enhanced North American Bench LExicon) for the dictionary
- En Francais! French translation/rules/dictionary
- Removed "cannot add the same word twice restriction"
- Offline messages. You can now send private messages to users while they are offline
- Misc fixes to the "rack." You can now drag letters around the board and into/out of your rack.
- Added "shuffle" button to randomly shuffle letters in your rack
- Fullscreen mode for you folks that want to use a resolution less than 1024x768
- Reworked the network protocol to make the program run faster
- Game actions (start/save/resume) are now restricted to the creator of the game
- Fixes for Python 2.3 compatibility (Thanks Mark Lee)
- When there are less than 7 letters left in the game bag, it now shows how many letters each player has remaining
- Trade now shows how many letters a user traded
- Letter score deductions are taken at the end of the game
- Auto "linkification" of chat text
- Server bulletins
- Right click on a word on the board to get its definition
- Fixed a nasty bug that allowed users to make illegal moves (Thanks Jan!)
- Misc new gameplay preferences
- Colors!
--- User-specified color for when new moves are put on the board
--- User-specified color for when new moves are applied to the board
--- User-specified color for blank tile text

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2005-12-20

PyScrabble 1.1 -- Released

PyScrabble 1.1 is out!

Due to some heavy rework of the user accounts, everyone will have to re-register on the public server. If this is a problem for you, please email me. Using the new 'Find Server' button should make it a snap!

New in this release:
- Game/Private Message Notifications
- Server/User statistics
- Double word center tile option
- User Rankings
- 'Find Public Servers'
- Misc Bugfixes

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2005-10-25

PyScrabble Public Server - Open

A public server for PyScrabble has been opened! Many thanks to Simon for hosting it. Click on the Public Server link for more information.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2005-09-22

PyScrabble 1.0.4 Released

1.0.4 is out! There are some feature requests and bugfixes included in this release:

- Saving games
- Tooltips for bonus tiles
- Spectator fixes
- In game statistics
- Fixed shared bonus tile scoring bug
- Trade button now blanked out when bag is empty
- Hopefully fixed issues where client was freezing at the end of the game
- You can now chat at the end of the game
- Fixed scrolling errors in chat window/private message.
- The server is now available as a console application and an NT Service.
- Much more!

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2005-09-22

PyScrabble 1.0.3 Released

PyScrabble 1.0.3 is out!

The major item for this release was spectating. It is now possible to merely watch games instead of playing in them.

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2005-09-12

PyScrabble 1.0.2 Released

PyScrabble 1.0.2 is out! This release fixes some minor bugs and should be the last release before the public server opens. Have fun!

Posted by Kevin Conaway 2005-08-25