#9 Scrabble Light


A display box that shows how much points the currently placed word is worth. If the placed word is not a word then the box shows 0. This is a pretty big one that would encompass the crucial parts of gameplay that I'm looking for. Having to add up the word score in my head is not easy necessary, and it would be nice to have the machine do it for me. Also, dictionary lookup is a very newbie feature at its core and is perfect for a light game of scrabble (well not the lookup itself but the idea of not getting punished for getting a word wrong). But instead of actually having to type out your potential letters into a box, why not play around with the tiles on the board, and have the score box tell you weather it's a word or not. That would add a more 'tactile' feel to the gameplay. I think that would be fun.

Not as important but maybe something to consider: As a beginner I only play with friends, and usually take long turns. So I should be able to save mid-game and be able to comeback to it later. But they are my rivals, so this can't be a text file or something that has to be downloaded and later read. This would need to be saved on the server. Also maybe outline the competition between friends more. Have a visible list of who is the best, in the game and overall. This doesn't have to be flashy, just a score in brackets next to their name is perfect. Perhaps have a global score such that everybody starts off at a number and then goes up and down based on wins/losses, winning and losing a # of points according to the rank of their opponent. Then once you have this in place you can add an option during the creation of a game that specifies which ranks of opponents to accept. So newbies can play each other.


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