#14 SCardControl issue with python 2.7

v1.0 (example)


I am using pyscard 2.6.12 and python 2.7.2 and I have a issue with ScardControl.
When calling SCardControl to send proprietary command to reader, the ScardControl returns 0x0000001F error code.
Only SCardControl calls sending data to reader, are having this behavior.
SCardControl, used for getting attributes for example, still runs fine.

Please find attached a sample code.
This code works fine using python 2.5 and 2.6 but fails on python 2.7.
Unfortunately, as these commands are proprietary to our CL1356A+ reader , you will not been able to run this code. If you cannot adapt this code on another reader, I can eventually lend you a CL1356A+ reader for debugging purposes.

Thanks, regards,


  • Ludovic Rousseau

    Hello Philippe,

    I guess you are using Windows. Exact?
    Do you have the problem with all the SCardControl() or just some of them?
    Do you have the same problem under GNU/Linux or Mac OS X?

    I am using Python 2.7.1 on Mac OS X Lion and do not have a problem with SCardControl(). So maybe the problem is Windows specific.

  • Philippe BOURGAULT

    Hi again,

    Just a small addon to my last answer.

    I have logged the USB exchange with a USB traffic analyser and it shows that the request is correctly sent to the reader and that the response is also correctly sent to the host. The problem is therefore likely to be in the processing of the response.
    I have compared a successfull exchange done using Python 2.6 and an exchange with problem done with Python 2.7 and they are exactly bit to bit the same.

    I cannot perform Linux test at this time but I think it is reasonable to assume that the issue is specific to Python 2.7 and the Windows implementation of the wrapper. May be some regression was introduced in Python 2.7 C/API.


  • jean-daniel aussel

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Ludovic Rousseau

    I have no news since 6 months now. I will close this bug.
    If you still have the problem with Python 2.7 or Python 3.5 then open a new bug report.

  • Ludovic Rousseau

    • status: open-accepted --> wont-fix
    • Group: --> v1.0 (example)

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