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Big rewrite underway

I've realized that I've made some bad decisions in my data structures--items reference the level they're in, which references the mobs in it, which reference the items they carry, which reference the level... This tangled web of references destroys any hope of using pickle for easy save/load, or deepcopy to make copies of things. The fix for this will touch every part of the game, so it may be a while. :-)

Posted by Eric Burgess 2006-12-31

Pyro 0.04a released

The fourth alpha of Pyro has been released. Changes include important functions like auto-run, auto-rest, and a better combat resolution system, as well as a larger variety in armor and weapons, and miscellaneous bugfixes.

The Sourceforge project page is being actively monitored, so if you've got a suggestion or bug report, open a ticket!

Posted by Eric Burgess 2006-12-11

Pyro code now available via SVN

I'm now using Sourceforge's SVN hosting for the Pyro source code. If you want the absolute latest code, you can now get it. The latest revision in SVN is NOT guaranteed to work properly (or at all). For stable code, get one of the release versions (although these will be somewhat unstable, too, until Pyro reaches the Beta stage).

Posted by Eric Burgess 2006-12-10