#4 Adds Autohiding

Nick Daly

Adds autohiding when mouse is moved out of window.

In the current version of pypanel, the pypanel panel is hidden after several seconds (CLOCK_DELAY) of inactivity. This patch adds behavior to hide the panel as soon as the mouse moves out of the panel, rendering the clock delay useless.

I'm certain more work could be done to combine the two (i.e., start the hide delay when the mouse moves out of the panel), but I don't have the time or interest to do that right now. It seems to me that such an idea would require ugly work with threads and sleeping anyway, though I could well be wrong.

Anyway, I'm happy how it turned out, I hope someone else finds it useful.


  • Nick Daly

    Nick Daly - 2008-03-03

    Add autohide functionality to PyPanel

  • Nick Daly

    Nick Daly - 2008-03-13

    Adds mouse-aware autohiding to pypanel, now with (the original) time delay.

  • Nick Daly

    Nick Daly - 2008-03-13

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    I finally got around to not breaking the autohiding originally in Pypanel. This version of the mouse-aware autohiding will hide CLOCK_DELAY seconds after the mouse leaves the panel.

    I'll be honest, a 3-second delay really _is_ much nicer than immediately. :)

    Hope you find it useful,
    File Added: pypanel_autohide-1.diff


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