#15 Another round of MacOSX patches


see my post to Jack's CVS HEAD issue in "Bugs"


  • Bob Ippolito

    Bob Ippolito - 2003-02-12

    OS X fixes (patch + renamed+modified init.i files)

  • Rene Dudfield

    Rene Dudfield - 2003-02-15

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    Tried applying the __init__ changes. But can't get the
    examples to work(on linux).

    I think this is what needs to be done, as eg making a .exe
    on windows can require different named .pyd files.

    Back to trying it some more.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Made the changes suggested in the post and applied the
    patches, but can't get it to build under Jaguar. Seems ok until a
    gcc fails late along, with the message that

    ld: can't locate file for: -lGL

    -lGL is specified in that gcc command, but there doesn't seem to
    be any GL file/directory available for it.

    Hope this not just a newbee mistake...

  • Mike C. Fletcher

    • milestone: --> v2.0
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mcfletch
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Mike C. Fletcher

    Logged In: YES

    Okay, from my reading of the patch (hopefully I got it
    right), this implements renaming of pyds to GL_init__.py,
    alters the darwin.cfg file to point to use -framework
    arguments instead of link directories, does something
    low-level to the setup.py to tell the c compiler to use a
    particular ranlib, and works around a mal-feature of Apple's
    GLUT implementation (setting current-working directories).

    I need an Apple person to check the darwin.cfg file and see
    if I properly integrated the changes. The .cfg file seemed
    to have a few of the changes already, and I'm not sure I
    properly placed all the various -framework: arguments (I put
    them in only once, in the general section).

    I've just finished integrating all these changes. Thing is,
    the changes are large enough (and affect other platforms)
    that it really seems we'll need at least one more
    beta/release-candidate before we can be sure it works


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