#99 glDeleteTextures crash?

GL (74)

I was writing something to manage textures, and when
trying to free up some unused textures, it seems to
cause a crash.

I'm using Win 98, on 2 machines: one with a 3D card,
one without. It crashes on each when I call


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Oh.. Without Numeric.

    With Numeric, it appears to not crash.
    Uninstalling Numeric, and then running results in a crash.

    Crash is possibly a bit more visible when running in IDLE.

  • Mike C. Fletcher

    • milestone: --> v2.0.1
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mcfletch
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • Mike C. Fletcher

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    You're almost certainly using the pre-built PyOpenGL 2.0.1,
    which is built with Numpy 23 present. The notes regarding
    PyOpenGL binary builds being tied to a particular Numpy
    version apply equally well to having/not-having Numpy at
    all. I'd actually be surprised if a non-Numpy build would
    even work these days (it's never tested), so the solution is
    going to have to be "install Numpy" I'm afraid.

  • Mike C. Fletcher

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    Attaching modified version of test file that lets you
    actually trigger the debugger to see what's going on.

  • Mike C. Fletcher

    Non-pygame version of file to avoid pygame parachute blocking debugger


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