#182 glColorPointer/ glVertexPointer broken

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This might be related to bug 1067130, but I'm not sure, mark duplicate if needed.

In the attached script, the polygon is often miscoloured, or lacks vertexes. If I disable GL_COLOR_ARRAY, vertexes draw fine.
From what I get it seems that calling glColorPointer overwrites some data in vertex pointer and/or vice versa.

I get distorted views like http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/5295/bugwd1.jpg, while I should get the full polygon.
If I change the order of functions artifacts change too and sometimes disappear, but nothing predictable.

The similar program in C runs fine, so it is unlikely to be a driver issue.

System used: Ubuntu Linux, kernel 2.6.22
pyopengl 3.0.0
Python 2.5.1


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Program depicting the bug

  • Vytas

    Vytas - 2008-01-12

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    I am the submitter just forgot to login

  • Mike C. Fletcher

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    With current CVS I can't reproduce the problem. I'm guessing this was the same bug as fixed a while ago where the two arrays were both getting stored as floats and the caching code was storing them using their type rather than their role.

  • Mike C. Fletcher

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  • Mike C. Fletcher

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  • Mike C. Fletcher

    This does appear to have been the problem, closing.


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