#112 setup.py in Windows XP

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I recently downloaded PyOpenGL, and ran the setup.py
file, and cannot get it to do anything. I compiled it, but
in the compiler when I tried to run it it just sat their.


  • Kuyler McComas

    Kuyler McComas - 2004-08-16
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  • Mike C. Fletcher

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  • Mike C. Fletcher

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    I would need a lot more information to even *begin* to help
    you with this. For starters: what version of PyOpenGL, what
    version of Python, what version of MS Visual C? Have you
    followed the build instructions on the PyOpenGL web-site?
    What do you mean by "it just sat there", do you mean it gave
    an error and exited? During what stage of compilation?
    What was the output of the attempt to compile?

    But before all that, why doesn't the pre-built version work
    for you? Probably 98% of Win32 users *don't* compile the
    package for themselves, so what is it that you need to do
    that requires you to compile it?

    PyOpenGL is developed on a Windows 2000 box, so, generally
    speaking, it *will* compile on a Win2k/XP box when the
    environment is properly configured.

  • Kuyler McComas

    Kuyler McComas - 2004-09-05

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    First, I did use the pre-compiled version. I was compiling the
    setup.py file in the python compiler/interpreter. It does'nt do
    anything, but create a .pyc file. It won't do anything when
    you interpret the setup.pyc file.


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