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Pymprovisator project is suspended.

Pymprovisator project is suspended.

Why?. I've discovered a wonderful free program that makes an excellent job generating acompaniment MIDI files.

This program is MMA ( It's a command-line program who reads a text file and generate a wonderful MIDI file.

Pasted from MMA's web page:

"Musical MIDI Accompaniment" is an accompaniment generator -- it creates midi tracks for a soloist to perform over from a user supplied file containing chords and MMA directives.... read more

Posted by David Asorey Álvarez 2005-01-14


In this months, I've read a lot of mails and threads in this forums about problems with the program.

The summary is this:

- The program does NOT work in windows 98 / Me.
- The program works with hacks in windows XP / 2000.
- The program does NOT work properly in Linux with recent versions of Python, (python 2.3, for example).


The program is ugly, because I didn't test deeply it in different environments.
It works ONLY if you are lucky :-(... read more

Posted by David Asorey Álvarez 2004-10-26

This summer ... Pymprovisator2

As I said before, the last months I've been very busy, and I've stopped the manteinance of the program.

This summer I'm planning and programming the next release, with a lot of changes and improvements: slash chords, intro and ending sections, a more clean (and clever) MIDI files management, user editable styles, style changes in the middle of a song, improved user interface (switching from the old Tkinter gui to wxWidgets-wxPython), ...... read more

Posted by David Asorey Álvarez 2004-07-11

About Pymprovisator 1.0

At the present time, I'm very busy (I've a 2-months old child, I'm learning (I _must_ learn) J2EE at work, ...) and I've (temporary) stopped the development of Pymprovisator 1.0.

I'm expecting resume my working on January or February. There are a lot of new features and changes that I'm planning.

The most relevant change I'm planning is supressing the "chords grid", being replaced by a simple text widget: I think that it's easiest to write in a text box:... read more

Posted by David Asorey Álvarez 2003-11-19