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I took an image I made in pymol with an opaque background, then added either a black or white background in photoshop (see attached file), to demonstrate the problem I'm having. The depth cue fog in the black background image looks great (light in front, fades to dark), but the white background looks awful (darker in front, lighter backgound--looks oddly "backlit"). I think this might be an optical illusion caused by the white fog tint. I would like to try darkening the fog tint to see if I can improve the white background image. Is there a way to do this? If not, do you have any suggestions to deal with this problem?

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  • laura1001

    laura1001 - 2006-11-30


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Did you really start with an opaque background? If you're going to switch backgrounds after the fact, then you should render with "set ray_transparent_background, off" in order to achieve a transparent background which can then be chosen and made opaque in Photoshop.

    If that is in fact what you did, then this may simply be an optical illusion -- try experimenting with other grey levels to confirm.

  • laura1001

    laura1001 - 2006-11-30

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    Sorry, I should have said transparent background instead of opaque. I repeated this again (ray_transparent_background, off), then added opaque backgrounds (various grays) in photoshop as you suggested (attached). I think it is an illusion--is there any way to fix it?

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