#1 SQL Support


What database implementation are the .SQL files
intended for?


  • Reginald B. Charney

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    At this stage, I have tested the command files mostly with

    Would you or any other be interested in checking out other
    SQL implementations?

    In the reply to your bug report (1214613), I also indicated
    that I would also like to interact directly with various
    RDBMSs. Is that of interest to you or anyone else?

  • Reginald B. Charney

    • status: open --> closed
  • Robert Brinton

    Robert Brinton - 2005-06-07

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    I don't currently have a MySQL installation. Most readily
    available I have access to MS Access, MSDE and MS SQL
    Server. I attempted to use the generated SQL file with MSDE
    and it didn't like the flavor.

    I would be willing to test with MSDE or MS Access if that
    would be useful.

    I will look into setting up a MySQL install for short-term

  • Reginald B. Charney

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    Hi Robert,

    I would be delighted to have you develop and test a version
    of the SQL command files that would work with MS Access and
    MS SQL. As currently implemented, there is a "template" file
    in sqltemplate.py that I use as the basis for the SQL that
    is generated. I may need to be modified to handle the type
    of SQL that MS uses.

    BTW, I may not have been clear - which means the
    documentation needs improving ;-), but without the -N
    option, each subsequent PyMetrics run appends the current
    results to the existing command file (defaults to
    metricData.sql and metricData.csv). Also, each run has a
    unique ID on every INSERT line of the SQL command file. This
    was meant to allow you to track changes to the same
    program(s) over time.



  • Robert Brinton

    Robert Brinton - 2005-06-08

    Logged In: YES

    Communicating directly with the database has advantages, but
    it could also make your application more complex.

    There are the issues of which flavor of database you are
    connecting to, where (on which computer / server) the
    database resides, authentication issues, database naming for
    servers that support more than one database at a time...

    I think that the SQL output option will still be used by
    some users, even if you can connect directly to the database.

    As I stated earlier, I have access to and I am willing to do
    testing with MSDE and/or MS Access.

    (I also have access to a full MS SQL Server installation,
    but availability for testing is limited. MSDE is
    sufficiently like SQL Server that we have successfully run
    the same SQL on both.)


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