#7 monitor and email selected directories


As per user suggestion (thanks Brandon), we have the following feature request.

PyKeylogger should be able to monitor a selected [set of] directories, and send by email any files that are modified. This may be useful for stealth monitoring of say, the documents folder. It would also be useful as an offsite backup solution, if used together with a high-quota email account such as gmail.

one potential problem with this is files greater than 10mb, which hits the attachment limit on gmail, and most other email services. do we just omit those, or shall we come up with some kind of a partitioned archival framework for these, similar to rar (maybe rar is already available in python?)

I will attempt to throw this into a future pykeylogger version. In the meantime, user comments are welcome.


  • DJ Burgie

    DJ Burgie - 2008-04-20

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    As a simple note the max size for Gmail attachments has been increased to 20 MB which will help but problems could still exist. Maybe having the ability to split files this size and e-mail them or else come up with some way to only mail the difference and then have a reassembler on the other end, though that's a lot of work at that point I'm guessing (rsync-like features).

  • nanotube

    nanotube - 2008-04-22

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    thanks for the info!

    hm well, to do the rsync-style stuff properly, i'd probably have to integrate some code from gmailfs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GmailFS)... and then of course rsync doesn't really exist for windows... it seems like doing this would be a whole lot of work for not a whole lot of gain.

    a simple "email any files that have changed since last email" would produce a similar end result with a lot less work (if i ever get around to doing even that! :) ).


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