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Pygmy: New version soon.

We're hard at work on another release of Pygmy. New additions include integration with scripting (BSF, Jython, and Groovy), updated SSL configuration, easier configuration, new single threaded endpoint implementation for better scalability. This should be an exciting release. We're aiming for early August.

Posted by Charlie Hubbard 2004-07-12

pygmy httpd 0.1 released

The time has come for pygmy to leave the nest. It's in a stable state, and pygmy needs some real world feedback to push it to the next level. I'm excited to see new Handlers developers think up.

Posted by Charlie Hubbard 2003-11-14

Pygmy project available

Pygmy v0.1 can now be downloaded from CVS. Check out for documentation and examples.

Posted by Charlie Hubbard 2003-08-16