#8 mdecl_wrapper additions and args() query


Really like the mdecl_wrapper to assign properties to the declarations.
mdecl_wrapper could be much more useful though if it returns an mdecl_wrapper of the result to access attribute or nest queries.
included is a patched version of mdecl_wrapper that allows queries to be written like this:
a = mb.classes(lambda b: whatever(b)).mem_funs(return_type='void')
> queries the mem_funs of all classes matched
names = a.names.to_list()
> returns a list of all names (nice for debugging)

Additionally if all calldefs would have an arguments() (or .args() to avoid name conflict) that works similarily to classes() or calldefs()


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    Anonymous - 2010-04-21
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    Roman - 2011-02-26

    Sorry, for the late response. The patch looks interesting and useful. If you are still interesting in submitting the patch, I would like to discuss with you how this change influences the class interface.

  • Roman

    Roman - 2011-02-26
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