Working with Existing Packages

  • Bryan Nahrwold

    Bryan Nahrwold - 2008-09-23

    I am trying to use Pydev extensions in eclipse Ganymede to modify python modules in packages that already exist.   The directory structure is in Subversion:

    config is a package directory and C:\amp\amp21\test\python\packages has been added to my Eclipse PYTHONPATH.  config has an file.

    I can edit the file, but I cannot seem to bring in the file into a pa ydev project which recognizes the config package folder.  How do I do this?

    • Fabio Zadrozny

      Fabio Zadrozny - 2008-09-23

      Actually, if you're editing a file below a project that has a folder configured to be in the pythonpath (as in ), it should already be treated as a package... What exactly do you think should happen that's not happening?



      • Bryan Nahrwold

        Bryan Nahrwold - 2008-09-24

        Thanks for responding.  If I were to set this up from scratch, I would create a pydev project called, say packages, then create a package called config, then create configSetup.  I would then have a structure in Eclipse that represents what I have on disk.  Right now I have a file in eclipse called  There will be multiple files in the package.  I can execute the module from the command-line but I am not understanding how to set this setup in Eclipse so I can run the script in Eclipse with the debugger. As previously mentioned, this structure is in subversion, so I want to be able to modify files and then use tortoisesvn to commit the changes.


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