#4 Allow pickling and unpickling


It should be allowed to pickle and unpickle CLIPS entities
through shadow classes; the entities should be rendered
in a way that just rebuild the corresponding objects
without reporting stuff that cannot be recreated.

In a preliminary version inter-entity dependencies will
probably be handled without an excessive care: in case
of broken dependency the system would probably just
complain with an exception.


  • Francesco Garosi

    Logged In: YES

    Apart from the dependency problems, there are also different
    hurdles to the implementation of this request, such as the
    impossibility to determine the size of the pickle-able form
    of each entity. Another issue is, that in order to "dump" an
    entity to a non-disk file, it would be necessary to rewrite
    the entity I/O funcions in a more uniform way.

  • Francesco Garosi

    • milestone: --> Rejected
    • status: open --> closed
  • Francesco Garosi

    Logged In: YES

    This request for feature or enhancement has been dropped: either
    it has not been considered useful, or inconsistent, or even its
    usefulness has not been considered worth the effort. Possibly
    other previously posted messages can explain the reason.

    Please post another RFE with title "Reopen RFE NNNNNN" (being
    NNNNNN the number of this RFE) and the reasons for reopening in
    the message body if you really think that the RFE has to be


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