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Pyastra bugfix release is out.

Pyastra is a bugfix release. It fixes left shift special case (x << 0).

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Posted by Alex Zyranov 2006-11-24

Pyastra is two years old

Today Pyastra project has celebrated its second birthday.

It was the year of hidden changes. The planned Pyastra 0.0.5 is almost a rewrite of Pyastra 0.0.4. I hope to spend more time in developing Pyastra and make the world a bit easier.

Smile! It's a shiny day ;)

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2006-04-05

Pyastra celebrates its first birthday

Today, 5th of April is Pyastra's birthday.

Pyastra has been released four times this year. It became more stable and got more features every release.
In the second year, we are going to make PyAstra's architecture more flexible. It will let us extend Pyastra much faster.

Great thanks to our acitve users and to all people who helped us develop PyAstra!!!

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2005-04-05

Pyastra 0.0.4. Forth preview release is out.

Pyastra is now able to run assembler automatically. Now it supports ICD, sleep mode, interrupts, multiple pages of program memory. The package includes more examples. All known bugs were fixed.

Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-12-24

Pyastra 0.0.3. Third preview release is out.

New pyastra is more stable, supports all PIC12, PIC14 and PIC16, includes examples and a little of documentation. Generated code efficiency is 30-40% more and it uses approximately 50% of RAM used before!!!

We have tested it in real work and it worked good, but anyway it may have some bugs, so it's still a preview release.

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Download Pyastra 0.0.3:

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-07-22

Diploma defended excellently

Pyastra is the theme of my bachelor's diploma in Ural State Technical University.
This Saturday I've defended it excellently. So I'll have more free time to get Pyastra more stable, more effective and more usable! :)

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-06-19

Pyastra 0.0.2. Second preview release is out.

The 0.0.2 preview release is primarily a bugfix release.

Also support for PIC12*, PIC14000 and all missing PIC 16* were added.

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-05-26

Preview release 0.0.1 is out!

Pyastra project released the first preview release.

This version supports all PIC16* microcontrollers. Many (but not all) of python statements are available (see for details).

The main goal of this release was to get Pyastra usable. And we hope that it was achieved.

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-05-15

Participation in university exhibition

Pyastra passed faculty exhibition. Now we participate in Ural State Technical University ( exhibition. Everyone is welcome.

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-04-13

Participation in faculty exhibition

18 of march 2004 we will participate in faculty exhibition.

Posted by Alex Zyranov 2004-04-07

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