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The first stable release

This is going to the first stable release of the pyasn1 software. Almost eight years of designing, prototyping, coding and testing resulted in this pyasn1-0.0.13 package release.

Compared to 0.0.13b it has a single bug fix (see CHANGES).

Thanks and congratulations to everybody involved in this project!

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-07-10

pyasn1-0.0.13b has been released

In this release:

* ASN.1 Real type support completed
* Constructed types interface improved to become closer to Python mapping
* Pretty printer improved to better handle non-printable chars.
* A handful of other fixes

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-03-15

pyasn1-modules-0.0.1a released

It has been decided to strip all ASN.1 protocol modules off pyasn1 library and distribute them alone. They are also re-written to be importable thus easily used in other applications.

The following (possibly incomplete) protocol modules are now included:
* X.509
* SSH keys

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-03-06

pyasn1-0.0.13a released

In this release:

* Very significant performance improvement on frequent operations
* ANY type is fully supported
* Enclosed documentation re-written and now covers many aspects
* Minor bugfixes and improvements (see CHANGES)

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-03-06

pyasn1-0.0.12a released

In this release:

* The, example scripts added.
* Minor bugfixes and improvements (see CHANGES)

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2010-12-13